About Us

Our Mission: To respect the art & craftmanship of bartending and bar design through education, workshops, and cocktail development.

The idea of Low Key is simple... get things back to basics. To pay tribute to all the work and creativity that has come before, while attempting to write our own chapter in the ever grow-fluiding hospitality market.

Our core philosophy is to try and create a conversation between the industry professionals, and the person who just enjoys a good drink. We do this by offering several classes focused on education & making mixing drinks fun!

We appreciate you taking the time learn about us, please download our Cocktail Guide and get mixing.

Have a question? For more information please reach out to contactmelowkey@gmail.com

Steven Westerhausen

With over 15 years in the Hospitality Industry, Steven brings a knowledge and passion for service that is unmatched. With a specialty in tequila, and management, Steven also owns a general contracting company "Tongue & Groove", and has developed or renovated many spots in downtown Milwaukee and beyond.

JC Cunningham

JC is the driving creative force for the cocktail program and education portions of Low Key. With over 18 years of Hospitality experience, JC is responsible for drink creation and development for all of our on-site events. JC is also the co-founder of the Hype Dance Company (est. 2001).

Tim Westerhausen

Tim is a jack of all trades applying his creativity to everything he touches. With a skill set in design, he has worked in designing haunted houses, set designs and "Escape rooms" for over 10 years. Tim applies his passion for design aesthetics to all parts of Low Key which also include our logo design.